Science Shorts: An Introduction to my Pocket List

Ashraf Miah
2 min readFeb 20, 2021

Selecting articles from a Pocket list curated over the last 5 years on Data Science.


Utilising a wide range of articles saved on Pocket and their application to Data Science.


The purpose of the Data Science Shorts series is to summarise articles from a vast library of articles I’ve stored and tracked using Pocket over the past 5 years — a service to curate and collect interesting reads on the internet. A similar capability is provided by InstaPaper; both services store links and copies of articles and can provide a unified interface to reading these again later.

Screenshot from Articles on the Author’s Pocket List | Ashraf Miah

The primary motivation is to share the original links but also to put into context their role in Data Science. Each article will typically address three resources and associated context.

As either a beginner, intermediate (whatever that means) or experienced Data Scientist I would recommend using this type of service to start your own collection of useful articles to read again and again.


A brief introduction to the Data Science Shorts series; the is intention to provide a brief introduction to a number of interesting articles in the field of Data Science and their context or why the reader should be interested.



Ashraf Miah

CTO, Data Scientist & Chartered Engineer (MEng CEng EUR ING MRAeS) with over 20 years experience in the Aerospace, Rail & Energy Industry.